A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (North Dakota Episode)

Born in the Wild

“This episode is about Hailee (23) and Evan Awes (25) who live in Manvel outside Grand Forks in North Dakota with their 20 month old son Isaac. Hailee has previously had a homebirth inside in a birth pool. She wanted a birth free of pain and drugs and claims to have done her research and the more research she did, the more her heart wanted a homebirth. What kind of research she did is unclear. When she gave birth to Isaac, they did the birth in their living room after just having had moved in (moving boxes were still cluttered around their home). This time, Hailee wants to do their homebirth outside instead. She acknowledges that people think that they are “crazy”, but she insists that hospitals are for sick people and giving birth is not being sick.

Because she does not make any scientific arguments or reference any scientific publications, it is likely that her “research” was not so much spending months reading the scientific literature and talking to real experts, but probably frequenting homebirth blogs and Facebook groups. Giving birth outside, she says, makes you “connected to nature” and is “the way women used to do it”. She is convinced that it will be a beautiful experience no matter how snowy or windy it becomes.”

A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (North Dakota Episode)