Quack Herbal Treatment For Children Found Contaminated by Prescription Medication

PureCare Herbal Cream

PureCare Herbal Cream with the current label (Health Canada).

“This time, however, it was different. PureCare Herbal Cream Ltd. closed down their webshop and issued a “public announcement and correction notice” on their Facebook page. Their notice said that they have “ceased all sales and have instituted a recall action plan” and that “already contacted the manufacturer of the product regarding this Health Canada concern and is following up with the manufacturer regarding this new information”.

Or was it really different? Their notice further claims that they were “always expressly informed by the manufacturer that the product was all natural and free from any drugs or parabens and this information was passed on to its retail customers and end users.” and that they do “not believe that past use of this product would have caused any damage or injury to any of its users”. In other words, they blame it all on an unnamed manufacturer outside of Canada and dismisses concerns that their products could have caused harm to people who used it.”

PureCare Herbal Cream Found Contaminated by Prescription Steroids