Fact: Condoms protect against HIV transmission


“Laboratory studies have shown that latex and condoms works as an effective barrier against particles that have the same size as sexually transmitted pathogens (Carey et. al, 1992). Studies on couples where just one of them has HIV have shown that correct and consistent use of condoms are effective for preventing HIV transmission (Holmes et. al, 2004; Weller et. al, 2002; Smith et. al, 2015).

There have been many epidemiological studies on different populations in different countries (including Thailand, Ivory Coast, Bolivia, India, and Zimbabwe) that show that condoms are effecting for reducing the spread of HIV (Hanenberg et. al, 1994; Ghys et. al, 2002; Levine et. al, 1998; Fontanet et. al, 1998; Boily et. al, 2013; Rachakulla et. al, 2013; UNAIDS, 2000; Halperin et. al, 2011).”

Fact: Condoms protect against HIV transmission>