New Swedish Crime Report: Almost All Crime Decreasing or Unchanged

Crime trends in Sweden

“The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has recently published a new report on crime trends in Sweden. It features an introductory chapter and then separate chapters devoted to the different major crime categories being measured in Sweden, from lethal violence and physical assault to drug crimes and drunk driving. Each chapter exhaustively identifies data sources and synthesizes their information while being careful to consider both strengths and limitations of different data sets. The report can be read in full by going here and a cached version of the document is available here.

Many politicians and media activists who want to instill fear, uncertainty and anger into people in order to gain attention and votes. They often make the claim that crime is on the rise and that only they have the willingness and power to take this alleged problem seriously. In reality, crime is generally decreasing across Europe and the United States over time.”

New Swedish Crime Report: Almost All Crime Decreasing or Unchanged