Daily Mail Lawyers Spawn Conspiracy Theory By Partially Blocking Sweden

Daily Mail shoddy reporting

“Due to a misunderstanding of Swedish law, Daily Mail blocked Swedish visitors from reading three of their low quality propaganda articles about the crime. They thought that they could be liable and sued in Swedish courts for their reporting in the U. K., but this is not true (although the reverse is possible). This ignorant action spawned a massive conspiracy theory where the Swedish government allegedly blocked the Daily Mail articles so that people living in Sweden would be “prevented from learning the truth” about the alleged “harmful effects of refugees and immigration” and that it is “no wonder that Swedes do not know what is going on in their own country”. Needless to say, this conspiracy theory is demonstrably false and is just one of the many conspiracy theories that are being pushed abroad about Sweden and immigration.”

Daily Mail Lawyers Spawn Conspiracy Theory By Partially Blocking Sweden