The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health

Climate change and human health

“Global warming and climate change are real. There is a current warming trend and this will have considerable consequences for the climate and the environment in profound ways. In many respects, this is already happening. None of this can be dismissed by climate deniers who cherry-pick the start and end dates of their intervals to make it falsely appear as if there is no warming.

One climate aspect that is not talked about as often in the media is that climate change will also have substantial negative impacts on human health. What will climate change mean for death rates due to heat events? How will it impact the incidence and geographical distributions of human diseases caused by bacteria that thrive in contaminated water? What will happen with the air quality? What about Lyme disease spread by ticks? How will food security be affected by climate change? Should we also expect that there will be a discernible negative impact on mental health?”

The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health