Mailbag: GMOs and Corporations?

mailbag letter

“Science is hard. That is why we need dedicated research to explore, discover and untangle the nature of reality and how the world works. When a scientific issue also becomes socially controversial with powerful forces trying to persuade us to hold positions that run counter to evidence and mainstream science, it can get very complicated. One such area is genetically modified crops and genetically modified foods. It is an area where many different issues, from details of molecular biology and field trials to patent law and corporations get mixed together in a confusing mess.

Debunking Denialism, among others, tries to boost the signal of science and reason against the noise of ideology and nonsense. Recently, a person by the name Julie wrote in and asked some sincere and important questions about GMOs and surrounding issues. Let us have a look at what Julie wrote about GMOs specifically.”

Mailbag: GMOs and Corporations?