How pH Quacks Scammed Dying Officer For 77 000 USD

pH quackery

“The pH of the blood needs to be around 7.4 to ensure health. Because of key biological processes that depend on blood pH and due to its logarithmic nature, even seemingly minor deviations can be medically serious or even potentially deadly. However, the body has multiple systems that regulates pH and keep it in check. The bicarbonate buffer system balances hydrogen ions against carbon dioxide that can be exhaled, proteins can bind or release hydrogen ions, the affinity of hemoglobin to bind to hydrogen ions depends on carbon dioxide levels, phosphates make up another buffer system and kidneys can excrete hydrogen or carbonate ions to help regulate body pH.

Quacks who promote alkaline diets or other forms of pH quackery are often willfully ignorant about this. Instead, they claim that diseases are caused by, for instance, eating too much acidic food. They also believe that the cure to virtually all diseases (including infectious diseases and cancer) is to ingest or inject substantial quantities of baking soda or other alkaline substances. In reality, that will only make your pee somewhat more alkaline.”

How pH Quacks Scammed Dying Officer For 77 000 USD