How to Defeat Technological Filter Bubbles That Skew Your World

Filter Bubbles

“With the explosive growth of fake news websites, clickbait ‘journalism’, and hoaxes being shared millions of times on social media every day, we are now entering an extremely aggressive period in the ongoing misinformation wars.

At the forefront of this battle lies technological and social media filter bubbles. These are algorithms and user decisions that alter the priority and existence of material in your feed or search results to cater to your preferences. This might seem harmless at first, but over time this creates ideological isolation where you are being fed materials that confirm your own biases from sources you enjoy. Materials that counter those biases end up further down the feed or are not shown at all. It is a hidden form of confirmation bias and contributes to a radical polarization in our society.”

How to Defeat Technological Filter Bubbles That Skew Your World