A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (Alaska Episode)

Born in the Wild

“Born in the Wild” was a television series that ran on lifetime during early 2015. It consisted of six episodes that featured mothers who rejected mainstream medicine and instead chose to give birth outside hospital or medical centers. Not just a homebirth, but giving birth outside in different hazardous environments, including a remote area of Alaska where it takes a rescue helicopter 30 minutes to reach, in a desert or in the middle of the winter. It was a stunning celebration of scientific ignorance and narcissism where parents prioritized their own birthing experience over the health of their baby.

The show opens up with some facts about hospital births and the rationale for the TV show: “Over 98% of all U. S. births take place in hospitals. Some women are choosing to have a very different experience. This shows document their journey.” They even add a warning: “Some scenes may be too intense for some viewers.” The intro theme has the following male voice over: “Modern parents giving birth in the wilderness like their ancestors. No hospitals. No surgical intervention. No drugs. Just a choice. To return to the primal roots of humanity.”

Giving birth in the remote wilderness of Alaska

The first episode of the series is called “Alaska: Remote and Unassisted” The episodes opens up with widescreen shots of the Alaska wilderness, snowy mountains, lakes, and coyotes.”

A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (Alaska Episode)