Harbingers of Doom – Part X: Summary and Addendum

Here Be Dragons

“This is the final installment in a ten-part critical review of the book Here Be Dragons, written by mathematical statistician Olle Häggström.

What began in March of 2016 has now finally come to an end with this summary and concluding thoughts. Throughout this series, we have looked at everything from biological weapons to ancient science, from cryonics to rotten apples, from teleportation to social anxiety, from futuristic Dyson spheres to sustainable and rural living, from climate change to asteroid impacts and many more topics.

It is no secret that most of this review series have focused on the negatives. It has exposed some of the many factual errors in the book and these have mainly been in areas that Häggström is least familiar with. However, there are many parts of the book that are not only decent, but even of extremely high-quality and better than I could ever have written. Thus, this tenth and final installment looks at the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Harbingers of Doom – Part X: Summary and Addendum