17 Great Science and Skepticism Things in 2016


“Many people consider 2016 to be a truly shit year with the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, continued armed conflicts in the world, terror attacks and famous celebrities dying. While the overall trend shows great improvement on just about any metric, it is not impossible for individual years to deviate somewhat from this trend. Thus, we should not lose too much hope because of events that happened during this year. For those of you who are feeling the 2016 blues, try reading this Vox article that feature Steven Pinker explaining how 2016 has made improvements in many areas.

However, let us focus a bit on some of the positive and upbeat events during 2016 that related to science, skepticism or related issues. Ebola is over in Africa and we now have a vaccine. The Paris Agreement was signed and the ozone hole over the Arctic show signs of healing. Sri Lanka is free of malaria and the Americans are free of measles. Gravitational waves were discovered and a new record-breaking small genome was synthesized. The FTC cracked down on homeopathy and the Swedish government will transition towards eliminate special treatment as well. Here are 17 good things that happened in 2016.”

17 Great Science and Skepticism Things in 2016