Emil Karlsson


Emil Karlsson is a Swedish scientific skeptic, science enthusiast, debunker of pseudoscience and steamroller of miscellaneous nonsense.


Emil Karlsson currently runs two major projects: Debunking Denialism and Defending Science.

Debunking Denialism is dedicated to scientific skepticism and to refuting pseudoscience. Here you will find materials critical of anti-vaccine nonsense, alternative medicine, quantum woo, anti-GMO claims, anti-psychiatry activism, climate denialism, creationism, misuse of statistics and bad science journalism. Debunking Denialism was founded in 2010 and recently passed 800 000 views. It has been cited by Slate, Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, and RawStory and material from the website has even used in some science courses.

Defending Science gathers free, high-quality scientific resources in a single place. This includes mathematics textbooks, psychology video lectures, review papers on GMOs, scientific documentaries about vaccines, lecture notes on physical chemistry, coding tutorials and much more. Scientific information is increasingly facing tough hurdles by anti-science politicians and activists who obscure the truth. It is more important now than ever to push for free and easy access to scientific information. In an age of misinformation, spreading free science resources becomes a revolutionary act.

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